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v3.4.7 Reduces number of "Invalid file type" errors
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v3.4.7 Reduces number of "Invalid file type" errors
February 17, 2017 at 12:55:03 AM
Hi everyone.

I've had several people ask about why they sometimes get "Invalid image file type" errors.

Thanks to users who sent me their "trouble" files, I was able to find one common cause.  Yes, there are others and you still might see this error but I just added a bit of code to eliminate one cause.

The cause of this particular problem is when someone loads an image into their browser and saves it with a different name and file type.  So they may load a .jpg image into their browser and tell the browser to save it with a file name ending with .png.  Or they simply rename their image from xxx.jpg to xxx.png.  Either way, the file stays the same.  Only the name changes.

The previous version of the freePatternWizard decided your uploaded image was in the format that your computer said it was.  Beginning with this version it does a double-check so even if you upload a file xxx.jpg and it's really a .png image, it'll figure it out and process it in the correct format.

The correct way to change your image format is to load it into some sort of "paint" program and save it out in a different format.  Your "paint" program will then reformat your image properly.

This was previously implemented on Android devices.


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