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printing pattern help!
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cwcoup message #1
printing pattern help!
February 5, 2017 at 10:21:03 AM
So uploaded my picture and patternwizard created a beautiful crochet graphgan pattern. The only problem is it is 196 pages!! I read through some of the q&a and saw you can change your paper type to reduce page numbers? my project is 500 by 930ish rows. Any suggestions on to make this manageable? Thank you!!!

One more question. I see the option to choose your own colors, but it won't let me check the box. I am a paid premier member. Can you tell me how to choose my own colors? Thanks again!! 

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Stitchboard Support message #2
Re: printing pattern help!
February 6, 2017 at 1:22:40 AM  (in response to cwcoup message #1)
Hi, cwcoup.

I recently added some paper sizes specifically made for fitting and printing more stitches per page.

In your case, you can reduce your page count to about 12 pages (4 across by 3 down) by specifying paper size "Stitchboard 5".  This paper size will allow up to 130 standard crochet stitches across and 240 rows down.

Please note that the size of the stitches on the pages will be smaller so they may be more difficult to read.

If you have a hard time reading them, you can choose a step down from that and select paper size "Stitchboard 4" which will allow 110 standard stitches across and 200 rows down.  This should print your chart in 25 pages (5 across by 5 down).

I do have an update coming which will offer another method of reducing stitch size on the paper but for now the "Stitchboard" paper sizes will also do it.

When you go to print these pages, you probably need to tell your pdf reader (or whatever program you use to print) to fit the pages onto a single page.  For example, in Adobe Reader, under "Size Options", select "Fit".

Regarding checking the box in color selection, you might need to enlarge the section of the page.  You should be able to click or tap inside of the little checkbox in the upper left corner of the color sample.  (I just made sure it still works on mobile devices by checking my iPhone, and without enlarging it was able to click in the box and see a checkmark.)  If you're having problems with this, by all means let me know what device you're using (iPhone, tablet, desktop, laptop...), what operating system (iOS, Android...), and if possible, what browser.  I'll certainly look into it.


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