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v3.4.4 Added Paper Sizes US Ansi A, B, C, D, and E
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v3.4.4 Added Paper Sizes US Ansi A, B, C, D, and E
January 6, 2017 at 11:42:54 PM
Hi, everyone.

Briefly, this option will allow you to print more stitches on a page!  Read on...

This is the first of two paper size additions with great new uses.

I just added US Paper sizes Ansi A, B, C, D, and E.  The following chart shows paper dimensions and the number of stitches that fit on a page for standard crochet and knitting.  More specifications will come as I catch up detailing these new options.

Size Dimensions (inches) Crochet Stitches
Crochet Rows
Ansi A 8½ x 11 40 70
Ansi B 11 x 17 50 120
Ansi C 17 x 22 80 150
Ansi D 22 x 34 110 250
Ansi E 34 x 44 180 330

Because of the fact that the freePatternWizard works all its calculations and formatting mathematically, it means that the larger the paper, the more stitches that will fit on a page.  This also means you can actually print larger charts on the same piece of paper and have it shrink the stitches to fit.

The following example uses the standard Adobe Reader to open and print a chart.  For those using a laptop or desktop, this is probably the standard setting.  For those using iOS or Android, there's a similar option.  (I'll detail these soon).

In the case of standard crochet or knitting charts, you can normally fit up to 40 stitches across and 70 rows down on an 8½x11" page (shown in the table above).  Let's say you want to shrink a chart and fit 110 stitches across on a page.

1. Set your paper size to Ansi D (because according to the above chart, you can fit up to 110 stitches across on this size paper).

2. Create your chart in .pdf format

3. Tell your .pdf reader program to print the page.  It will allow you to set certain options.  Adobe Reader allows a setting called "Size Options".  Under this option, choose "Fit" rather then "Actual Size".

Your reader may look different but look for the Paper Sizing and Handling options.  In the Adobe Reader, be sure your paper size is set to "Letter" (if you want to print onto 8½x11").  So even though we're creating the chart onto 22x34" "paper" in section 7 of the freePatternWizard, the .pdf reader will compress it to fit on 8½x11".  That's why you set Ansi D paper size (22x34") on the freePatternWizard and 8½x11" on the .pdf reader.

Here I have "Letter" size paper set in the Adobe .pdf Reader.

You'll probably see a thumbnail of your chart on which you can now see the 110 stitches across (if you look close enough).

4. Go ahead and print your chart and you should have a document with more stitches on each page.


The above example is assuming you're printing onto 8½x11" paper and are making either a standard crochet or knitting chart.  More paper sizes (including international) are coming and more details are coming for other stitch types.  For now, when in doubt, just try other paper sizes and stitch types.

I'll document stitches across and rows down for other stitching categories as soon as possible.

With the next group of paper sizes, you'll also be able to back up one and have the system enlarge the page for those who have problems reading smaller print (like me).

These new options are very flexible.  I can add even more or fewer stitches per page if you want it.  Again, hopefully over the next several days I'll get it all documented.

In the meantime, have fun!


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