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Create A Square
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juleshouston message #1
Create A Square
October 24, 2016 at 5:09:20 PM

Is there a way when creating a pattern to tell it to create as a square as the Pattern always comes out as a rectangle.   I am using Tunisian Simple Stitch with a size N hook and I want to create a square so I can use as a cushion cover.



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Re: Create A Square
October 25, 2016 at 1:11:10 AM  (in response to juleshouston message #1)

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There are a couple of issues here.  First, you need to make a gauge swatch if you haven't already.  Your stitch type and hook size aren't all you need in order to determine the size of your finished piece.  Your fiber and tension also are factors.  If I were to work the same stitch with the same hook and same fiber, I'd still probably end up with a very different gauge from you, as gauge is different from person to person, since tension is different from person to person.

Your swatch will tell you if your stitch is square or rectangular.  If your stitch is square, you would choose "Tunisian Square" in #3.  If it's rectangular, then you would need to choose "Tunisian Horizontal" or "Tunisian Vertical," depending on the orientation of your stitches.

If your stitches in your gauge are square, then choosing "Tunisian Square" would give you a square pattern if your image is exactly square.

If your stitches in your gauge are rectangular, either vertically or horizontally, your pattern is unlikely to be perfectly square.  Were you to use a square representational stitch for that rectangular stitch, your pattern might look square, but it would be skewed.

If both your gauge and image aren't square, there are ways to work it out mathematically to ensure your pattern is square to your gauge; however, keep in mind that at this point you can only set your stitch width, not how many rows you want for the length of your pattern as made from your image.  We do have a feature in development that allows you to do that, but at the moment it's still in testing and isn't available.

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