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Crochet Help
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May 12, 2016
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Crochet Help
May 12, 2016 at 8:11:35 AM

I love this for cross stitch ... I got that

but how do you turn uploading a picture to the wizard.....  every time I upload a picture it is blurrrrrred and unclear .... does it tell you what stitches to use I just don't  understand  mmmm

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Re: Crochet Help
May 13, 2016 at 1:56:06 AM  (in response to mdpc1215 message #1)
Welcome!  Smile

I'm not exactly sure of what you're asking, but I'll address the graphics part of your inquiry first.

You should use an image that is clear, but not just clear; it should be in a format that is a "better" one, such as gif or png.  The problem with jpgs is they're not really good quality images and the colors can smear, especially if you've done some work with the image in a graphics program.  However, you can't take a jpg, change it to a gif and be done with the problem.  A bad jpg will only become a bad gif.

Another problem is if you upload a small image and try to resize it larger, especially in a jpg, but also in any other format.  Or if you're trying to upload a large image and are resizing it smaller through the freePatternWizard.  This is not recommended; there are some free and very powerful graphics programs where you can resize your images first, before uploading.  The freePatternWizard isn't actually a graphics program, so it's not great at resizing, particularly going much larger or much smaller.

I would say that if you have an image that is, say, 200 pixels across, if you don't run it through a graphics program first, you'd be best off setting the freePatternWizard to make that image 200 stitches across, a one to one ratio, where resizing isn't necessary.

As for what stitches to use, if you're unsure of the colors, check to ensure the setting under #7 for PDF is "Symbols Only" or "Both Colors and Symbols."  Using "Colors Only" will be too difficult for the human eye to see, especially if your image has many shades of various colors.

If you're asking about crochet stitches, if you're in the US we have single crochet available for "standard stitch," which is called double crochet in the UK and Australia (which is why we call it "standard" instead of "single crochet," as that term is not appropriate for the UK or Australia).  We also have Tunisian stitches available.

If you're interested in filet, we've just introduced Filet Crochet as a Premier feature.

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