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v3.2.11 Corrected crochet word charts
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v3.2.11 Corrected crochet word charts
January 2, 2016 at 2:33:08 PM
Happy New Year, Everyone!

Whoops!  I just corrected a major problem with crochet word charts.  I had corrected a similar problem in illusion knitting and just corrected it in crochet.

Before this change, you might have seen: blue (1), blue (2), blue (1), gray (10), ...

After this correction you'd see: blue (4), gray (10), ...

This only happened with patterns that did not have black and/or white.

Thanks Sherry for reporting the problem!

Now back to adding a new free function, new Premier function, and posting some little instructional videos.  As I make updates and additions, I'm trying not to create any new problems.

Have fun!


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