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Changes to 300 stitch width
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Changes to 300 stitch width
November 1, 2015 at 2:18:20 AM
Way back in October 2011 when we first began upgrading people to 300 stitches as a beta test, we mentioned that eventually this would become a Premier feature.  (We called it "Premium" back then.)

We've been testing server loads and are now done with the extended beta test (thank you to everyone who helped!).

A few weeks ago we added a Premier feature of 500 stitches.  Rather than simply doing away with the 300 option, we decided to still make it available but at a nominal subscription price of $2.99* - for an entire year!

So non-members get 100 stitches across, members get 150, Premier subscribers ($2.99/yr*) get 300, and  second-level Premier subscribers (4.99/yr*) get 500.
By adding the 300 stitch count option to our Premier features, it will help defray costs as we continue to add memory, hard disk space, and eventually more servers.

As I write this, we're already working on a planned upgrade to handle the new activity that has necessitated this upgrade, and as much as we'd like to keep this particular feature free, we'd also like to keep our service as fast and working as well as possible.  The only way to do that is by being responsible enough to respond to newer server loads and increased activity.  Additionally, our costs have greatly increased because of all of the extras we've been giving, not just larger patterns, but crochet word charts, more intelligent PDF handling, PDF paper sizes, stray pixel cleanup, Tunisian crochet stitch capabilities, memory settings, image rotation, other special effects and numerous smaller issues that have been resolved or added to make your pattern-creating experience better.

Also, to be clear, when you subscribe to one or more Premier features, the subscription is for one year and does not automatically renew. We will email a notice 30 days before the subscription ends and you need to manually renew it.  (We've never liked the idea of auto-renewals!)

For those who have been upgraded to 300 stitches since 2011, you'll have six months before the "free" 300 stitch upgrade will go away.   As of today, November 1, 2015, we're doing no more free upgrades of stitch width sizes without subscriptions to either of those as premier features.  Unfortunately, we do have to draw the line, as the services we use are certainly not freebies on our end...if only they were!

There are still many free features coming! Next up will be one that will help those who create pdf patterns. So as we continue to add free features, we'll also continue adding more Premier ones to continue to expand and pay larger server costs and allow us to offer what we do at the fastest possible speeds.

* introductory price

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