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Pdf Private Label (Customized Pattern Pdfs)
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Pdf Private Label (Customized Pattern Pdfs)
October 28, 2015 at 12:08:31 AM
I just thought I'd give you a few screen captures of the new Private Label areas.  The pages where you enter your custom information are temporary and were simply made to be functional, not necessarily pretty. Laughing  Once we get some feedback and add/change features, we'll pretty it up!

Information Entry Pages

You start by entering some information.  (But there are also useful options even without entering anything custom.  Here are some samples of each entry page:

Header and Footer entry pages: Simply enter your information and click the "Save" buttons on the bottom.  The photos at the left of each page give you an idea of where the information will go on your pdf.

Web Site and Other Information entry pages: Again, enter your information and click the "Save" buttons.

This photo shows part of the new Private Label area of the freePatternWizard section 7.  By pulling down the various menus you can choose what information you want where on the pdf.

The upper 3 options relate to the header, footer, and bottom right corner of the pdf pages.  The next 5 menu items relate to information you might have stored.  As you choose from the menus, the information fills in in the boxes below.  You can also override one or more items by manually typing in an entry below.  Or you can blank something out by choosing "blank" in any menu or manually deleting an item below.

It's really quite powerful and we put in what we thought you would like.  We're open to suggestions on what to add to make it even better.


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