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v3.1.0 New Pdf Private Label (Custom Pdf) Feature
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v3.1.0 New Pdf Private Label (Custom Pdf) Feature
October 27, 2015 at 11:09:14 PM
At long last, I just enabled our next Premier feature of the freePatternWizard which allows you to customize your pdf patterns.  As time goes, I'll be enhancing this feature and giving you more options.  This is also the first feature that allows you to actually save information for future use.

In summary, this feature allows you to enter and save:

  • up to 5 different lines of text that can appear on the top line (header) of your pdf pattern pages
  • up to 5 different lines of text that can appear on the bottom line (footer) of your pdf pattern pages
  • up to 5 different web sites and links
  • a company name (or other custom line of text)
  • up to 3 email addresses and links
  • up to 3 custom lines/blocks of text/notes
  • a copyright notice
  • a pdf document author
  • a pdf document creator name
  • a pdf document subject
  • a list of key words for your pdf document

Once you have entered and saved your desired information, you can then tell the program what information you want on the header, footer, and in the lower right corner of your pdf pages.  You do this through a new area of section 7 at the freePatternWizard page.  This new area is highlighted with a red background and only shows up when you subscribe to this feature.

The header can be set to blank, any one of your custom header entries, pattern name, company, or copyright.

The footer can be set to blank, any one of your custom footer entries, pattern name, company, or copyright.

The lower right corner can be set to blank, one of your web site entries, or your copyright notice. If you have entered a link for your web site, the pdf will contain a link in the corner when someone mouses over the web site name.

If entered and not printed in the header, footer, or lower right corner, the main key page will also list your pattern name, company, email address, web site, suggested fabric, notes, and copyright.

By the way, subscribers can now generate multiple lines of printed notes by typing in a backslash-n (\n) without the parentheses to make the printed pdf go to the next line. So entering: This is line 1\nThis is line 2 would print as:

This is line 1
This is line 2

The pdf author, creator, subject, and key words will be embedded into the pdf document and, depending on the viewing browser or program, may or may not show.

One other important feature is that the document will no longer show the Stitchboard name on the pages.  The pages are now your own and customized!

As a Premier feature, we're starting it out with the introductory price of $4.99 for a whole year.  To subscribe, go to the subscription page.  As always, we never automatically renew subscriptions.  We'll let you know about 30 days before expiration and you always have the option to renew.

Once you do subscribe, you can then use the top dropdown menu to go to the Private Label information entry pages.  You can also use this link if you've subscribed, otherwise you'll get returned to the freePatternWizard main page.

We're open to all input regarding what everyone would like added to the pdf customization.  We have several ideas of additions but wanted to get it open now so people can begin using it.

I should also point out that for the members who have subscribed to "all" Premier features, this new pdf private label option will automatically be available!

Let us know if I have caused any problems.  And tell us how we can improve it!  Most of all, have fun.


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