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v3.0.0 Fixed lots of little bugs and added two new features
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v3.0.0 Fixed lots of little bugs and added two new features
October 4, 2015 at 1:29:52 AM
I just uploaded changes to about 25 various programs.

At first, you may not see a lot of changes.  There are many subtle changes and corrections.  I've fixed numerous bugs and made some internal changes and restructuring to make future enhancements and additions much easier.

There are also a couple cleanups in the printing of .pdfs.  Also some functional corrections to section 7.

Let me also say I'm guessing with as many updates as I just did, I may have also created a couple new problems.  As soon as I get reports of bugs (or find them while continuing the development and testing), I'll fix them.

Now for a couple other new features...

First, I'll be adding a new free feature in the knitting area when I finish testing and debugging it.

Also, this is the first version (thus the 3.0.0) that includes a couple subscription functions which we call "Premier" features.  For Knitters, we just added an Illusion Knitting (also called shadow knitting) graph and word chart feature.  This is the first of our "Premier" features and we're doing an introductory 1-year subscription for only $4.99.  In other words, if you pay $4.99, you can create unlimited Illusion patterns for the next year!  Payment is online through PayPal and you get immediate access once paid.  If you're interested, go over to our new (but temporary) Subscription page by using this link.  We'll be adding more information here in the Community but in a new "Premier" area for the freePatternWizard.  Yes, we're still calling it the freePatternWizard and as I've said before, we'll continue to add, enhance, and support the free area.  We're just adding some new "Premier" features too.

We've also added one more "Premier" feature for all categories (beading, crochet, cross stitch, and knitting) for those who still need more stitches across.  Again, by subscribing for a year for $4.99, you will get 500 stitches across.  The same subscription page will let you sign up for this feature too.

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Premier Features
  • 300 Stitches Across
  • 500 Stitches Across
  • Filet Crochet   NEW!
  • Illusion Knitting
  • Private Label Pdfs
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