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Newbie lneeding help
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Sep 18, 2015
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Ladysewnsew message #1
Newbie lneeding help
September 20, 2015 at 5:37:28 AM
First let me say Thank you for having me and for all the hard work you have done on both your site and your pattern wizard. I am looking forward to using it to make some Christmas gifs but I have a couple of questions

1. How can I make my pattern fit it is 250 across and I only can get it to 100

2. I am confused by the chain row how to get started? Do I crochet 150 stitches for my foundation chain and then single crochet back to start my row 1?

Thank you so much for your help

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Re: Newbie lneeding help
September 21, 2015 at 4:59:24 AM  (in response to Ladysewnsew message #1)
You're very welcome!

1) I've upgraded you.
2) This part is a little more complex.  Since you're new at it, I would say to try a small practice piece.  Once you get the hang of it, then I'd say to try something larger.  I'm sure you'd rather just get started, but I can relate this to how I do things...I often try starting something big first, but ultimately I give up.  That's when I try something smaller.  (This is what I did with bead crochet.  I couldn't do it and almost gave up, but then I started working with pony beads and yarn, which accustomed me to holding the crochet hook.)

The pattern follows conventional rules; e.g., you make your starting chain with one extra for the turn.  Then the first row starts with single crochets (and that's the stitch you'll be using throughout the piece).  So if your pattern is 150 across, you would start at the bottom with 151 chains, then the first row would be single crochets into the chains.

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