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v2.14.2 Corrected Crochet Word Charts
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v2.14.2 Corrected Crochet Word Charts
September 13, 2015 at 10:59:28 PM
As I continue to fix things and add new free and premium features, I'll continue keeping everyone up to date of what's been corrected and what's new.

First, I just corrected Crochet Standard stitch word charts.  Kind of an obscure problem but it showed up when the last stitch in a row in either direction was a single stitch of one color.  If there were at least two stitches of a color at the end of a row, it worked fine.  Anyway, it's working correctly now.

Also, as long as I was working with word charts, I just corrected and re-enabled all the Tunisian charts.  The word charts were not previously in Tunisian format.  All three formats are now correct.  (Horizontal, Vertical, and Square Stitch Tunisian).

I'll be adding our first couple premium features soon, as well as another free feature!  Laughing


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