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New! Caron One Pound, Caron Simply Soft and Herrschners 2-Ply Afghan palettes - thank you to BetwixtTheStitch!

New!  The Herrschner's Worsted Palette - thank you to BetwixtTheStitch!

New!  We've just added the palette for Deborah Norville Everyday Yarn!  If you knit and/or crochet, this is for you.  This is a beautiful yarn with a nice feel to it, a good alternative in worsted weight acrylic!  (Thank you again to BetwixtTheStitch!)

New!  The Red Heart Super Saver Palette - thank you to BetwixtTheStitch!

Welcome to Stitchboard!  Feel free to sit and stay awhile.  Check out our new Premier features.  In addition to the ability to create larger patterns (up to 500 stitches wide), illusion knitting and private labeling (no more worries about editing those pesky and messy PDFs), we've just introduced Filet Crochet, our most popular request!  We have many more features planned, too!  Smile
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What lucky teachers!  Kiss

I say you've really captured the look of the Kay Bojsen wood figures with your bird!  (Yes, I did look him up online, and you've done a spectacular job! Kiss)

The flask is cute and does look like fun!  Love the cotton "smoke" on the top, too...what a perfect touch.  Kiss

You're not kidding...cardigans really do take time, sigh.  Worth it in the end, but they can be very frustrating because they do tie up so much time.  LOL, that's what TV is for, though, isn't it?  Wink

Thanks for posting!  Kiss  Your work is always such a joy to see.  Kiss


now you can see why i'd prefer not to keep the enemies closer because i'd be likely to shoot them and i'm not doing jail time for no one

Thanks. I'm really pleased with the way both pieces are turning out. The lacey thing was quite difficult at first because I haven't used linen thread before and it's quite stiff to handle. I'm used to it now though and loving the results.


I'm not technical, but I'll do my best to answer your excellent questions.  Smile

Before I start, though, I noticed you'd mentioned filet.  Filet is grayed out because it's not available yet.  Unfortunately, it's one of the 100 features that need to be finished, and that's the reason for our Indiegogo campaign, so they can be finished faster.  Even if we don't raise a lot in the campaign, these features will still be will simply take longer, as our programmer works at other programming jobs to support the freePatternWizard.  Smile

Now to your questions.  Smile

1. When working with the freePatternWizard, the most optimal thing is to get your photo ready beforehand - e.g., make it look the way you want it to look before importing it into the freePatternWizard.  My suggestion is to use photo editing software for that, and luckily, there are two absolutely free and very powerful ones available, GIMP and  I'll give you the links here.
GIMP is at:
and is at:

With either of these programs you can manipulate your images so that they look the way you want.  If you'd like to put a different background behind the dog, you may want to make it a multi-layered image, with the dog on a separate layer, so nothing interferes with that part of your image.  (I can't give you exact instructions, unfortunately, because the program I use is an ancient Paint Shop Pro.  It's so old, it hasn't been sold since probably around the mid '90s!  Surprised)

2. Now you know about filet, but my guess is that you probably wouldn't want to use a filet option, anyway, if it's a picture of a dog because it's not going to be very detailed.  Smile

3. It's really hard to say exactly what's going on as I can't see your photo, but also, I don't know how detailed it is to begin with.  You won't be able to get more than your original shows.  If you put through a blurry photo, for instance, the finished product isn't going to be all that clear.  It's very difficult when your photo isn't ideal.  Of course, if it is...then that's a different problem!

You had also mentioned the dog's color being too orange.  If that's the case, I personally would use one of those two software packages (LOL, in my case, ancient PSP) and mess with the values to force the color of the dog back to tan and white.  And perhaps that explains why your results aren't good.  If the freePatternWizard is seeing orange, it's going to give you orange!  (It's a machine...machines think like men...some men can't tell orange from tan...LOL! Wink)

Also, take a look at the size of the dog.  Is she very small in the photo?  That's another problem...if you can't see her very well in the photo, she's going to be a small blob, unfortunately.  You can't take a tiny, tiny image in a photo and turn it into something large in a pattern.

4. I really don't think you're missing a thing.  My guess (though this is just a guess!) is your photo is perhaps out of focus or has too many close colors for the freePatternWizard to differentiate.  Or something else I haven't thought of.  Smile

Also, another thing...which palette are you using?  Since you're talking about working with yarn, I would suggest using the Stitchboard Basic Palette.  Unfortunately, yarn colors just aren't available in hundreds of shades, sigh.  My guess is the palette isn't the issue at all...but I thought I'd let you know that you probably want a more limited palette, unless you're going to crochet with embroidery floss!  (Been there, done that, because I have a screw loose!  LOL.)

No worries, we're here to help, so just ask away whenever you have questions.  Smile  I don't know if this has been at all please let me know if there's something I'm not understanding.  Smile

BTW, if you'd like to talk ceramics, we'd be happy to open up an area for discussing ceramics!  Smile

In preparation of bringing a new version live, I just updated the 15 language translations to include some text for future options.  The internals also now recognize all the new paper sizes and I'll be turning on the option to choose your desired size when I update the rest of the program.

I'll be bringing up a new version tomorrow or the next day that will include 14 paper sizes, several cleanups in pdf's, an optional border, several bug fixes, and more.  More details when I bring it live.

This new version contains a large re-write of the pdf code and now supports the addition of several new features.

I'll say beforehand that there will probably be a few new bugs once I turn it live but I'll fix them as fast as they crop up.  The basic look of the program will be the same for a little while longer until I have more of the basic features running.  Eventually the looks will be entirely different, and simpler.  Again, more about this later.
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