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Welcome to Stitchboard!  Feel free to sit and stay awhile.  If you have some pictures, you can post them in our photo albums...we love to drool!  If there's a crafty (or non-crafty) topic that interests you, stop by and discuss it, and finally, if you have an interest in free Kindle crafting books, become a member of our Crafty Bookworms Circle (FREE!) for listings that are updated on a (somewhat) daily basis.  Smile
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News: 4-8-14 Just thought we'd mention that the software on the Stitchboard servers is not affected by the 'OpenSSL Heartbleed' bug in the news. Your information here remains secure.
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I posted one FREE knitting book for Kindle for today...grab it before it's gone!  (Note: you do not need to have an actual Kindle.  If you have a smartphone, you can download a Kindle reader app for FREE...if all you have is a PC, you can download to your PC...and I believe there may also be a way now of completely bypassing any kind of reader app to read directly online - though please don't quote me on that, as I'm not sure.  I find the PC reader to be quite decent for pattern content...since I don't own a Kindle, I can't say how well it works...but I would think a smaller screen would make patterns kind of difficult to read.)

Here's the circle (you must join to see posts):


I'm glad you found a way to compensate for the wonky corners!  Smile  Well, it's all trial and error, isn't it...which can be fun or harrowing, depending!  Tongue Out

Hmm, I didn't know the fabric paint was a lot like the backing!  You know, something you could try...make a very small item and put a couple of dots of fabric paint on the bottom, so you can see how well it holds up.  This way, you don't have to make an entire rug to see if it works.  Smile  (LOL, and dolls need rugs, too! Wink)

Do they use paint-on backing on the rugs in the stores?  I haven't looked closely to see what they use, but you're right, whatever it is doesn't usually stay.  There's another project I'd like to do...a bath mat.  The ones in the stores are so expensive, and they don't last through too many washings.  Frown

I think RH acrylic is perfect for trying out a rug or other item.  Smile

Thanks for letting me know about the pollination issue for the Sugar Babies!  Kiss  LOL, I would have been sitting there, scratching my head, saying, "Now, why aren't these growing?"

Wow, you do get seeds late for your growing season!  Yell  That's crazy.  I think we get ours about June, maybe earlier...hard to remember, since we haven't bought lately.

How do you dry beans or...?  Do you have a dehydrator?

Ugh, I don't envy you the fire ants.  I forget what happened to our blue potatoes...just didn't sprout, in all likelihood.  Undecided

Hawaii is way expensive.  Frown  I can see why...everyone wants to go there!

So are they going to be near you when her hubby transfers back, I hope?  Smile

Little Red Riding way!  My friend dressed as that one year, and her "mini-me" doll outfit is in the photo albums somewhere here.  I bought her a doll, and then my doll modeled the ouitfit very nicely after I made it.  Smile  I know for a while, at least, she was bringing the doll to doll shows.  LOL, except the doll I bought for her was holding a tiny toy giraffe, not a basket, because my friend loves giraffes, and that was why I'd bought her that particular doll!  Then I happened upon a hooded cape and it just screamed "Little Red Riding Hood," in light of her costume.  Kiss


I can imagine the corner to corner TKS would be wonky...sigh, the edges of TKS always cause me so much consternation.  Frown  I'm sure any solution would be inelegant at best...sigh, for such a wonderful stitch, the edges are the worst!  Yell

Oooh, I wonder if your increases and decreases not placed on the edge itself will be a better solution?  Can't wait to hear about that!  Smile

True, veggies & such do need a lot of's the heat they don't care for.  I'm so glad (and jealous) that you can grow melons...I love watermelon, and my top fave is cantaloupe.  Sigh, we once tried growing cantaloupe here...only one plant took, and that plant grew and grew...but before I could pick it, some kids came through and destroyed it.  I was so angry.  As you undoubtedly know, the grocery store stuff usually is nowhere near the quality of fresh-grown, as it's picked before the peak of ripeness so it will (in theory) be ripe when it gets to the stores, and it wasn't like I could replace this poor little cantaloupe that gave its all but got destroyed through no fault of its own.  Cry

I've never heard of black diamond watermelons...they sound delish!  Probably don't get as much as the seeds here, never mind the starter plants, since this isn't a very big growing climate, despite some hot, hot summers.  Tongue Out

We had the same problem with the tomatoes, that they just sat in the heat, looking miserable and wilty.  Frown

It sure is a lot of work for kitties to train their humans...I think our value might be sorely lacking to her if she didn't need us for opening those cans.  Wink  Luckily, we redeem ourselves with that particular talent!  Laughing

LOL!  We had a handful of kids that were with one family (two, three or four at most, I'm guessing...hubby took care of them), that was it.  The light is off and I don't expect anyone to come around (hopefully everyone knows the rule about that!).  Of course, we've already sampled the leftovers...  Tongue Out

I love how you have different photos to where you zoom in on the pattern, but is there a way I can get a whole picture with the graph?

Hi, Charlene.  Yes, nothing you're doing wrong.  I just made some other updates to the mail system...

Top right shows I have 1 new message.  When I click on it there's nothing there.  However, it does show 1 message in "Trash".

I corrected the top counts.  Also corrected were the items that showed up in the trash.  These were actually in the old inbox... long story short, I corrected my code and they're now in the inbox.

I can read that message BUT it will not delete.  I've tried over and over.

Since it thought the item was in the trash, you couldn't delete it since it's already deleted.  We'll document the mail system soon, once we're pretty sure it's set the way we want it.

In the meanwhile, items in the trash are deleted clicking on the top trash can icon, which is the empty trash function.

There's also an option to turn on and off the immediate delete function.  When on, it will immediately delete a message if you click on the delete button.  When the immediate delete function is off, pressing the delete message button will move it to trash, and you will delete it by emptying the trash.  To change the immediate delete setting, click on the little wrench icon at the right of the top row of buttons and change the "Save a copy of all sent messages:" setting.

Second problem.....when I tried to use the email address finder nothing comes up if I put a name into the search.

Thanks for this question too.  By people asking about things and having problems, it helps us refine the program and try to make things easier.  When you click on the "Compose New" button, and click on the little book icon, it pops up the lookup window.  The easiest thing is ot enter a username to lookup.  You can use a wild card too.  So if you know Melanie's or my username starts with "com", you can enter com* and it will show Community Admin and Community Support.  Then click on one and it'll drop that username into the "To" box of the message.  When done looking up a name, click on the "Done" button or little "x" in the upper right corner of the popup window and it will close.

Let me know if this info helps.  Again, we need to document things now that some of the new functions are getting completed.

Thanks again, Charlene.  Lots more to come!


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