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Welcome to Stitchboard!  Feel free to sit and stay awhile.  If you have some pictures, you can post them in our photo albums...we love to drool!  If there's a crafty (or non-crafty) topic that interests you, stop by and discuss it, and finally, if you have an interest in free Kindle crafting books, become a member of our Crafty Bookworms Circle (FREE!) for listings that are updated on a (somewhat) daily basis.  Smile
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News: 4-8-14 Just thought we'd mention that the software on the Stitchboard servers is not affected by the 'OpenSSL Heartbleed' bug in the news. Your information here remains secure.
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Hi, Everyone.

We've had 6 reports that the latest version of Internet Explorer 11 is having problems with pdfs generated by the freePatternWizard.  The problems range from no pattern to system hanging with a white screen.

From what I can tell so far, this is a common problem that's being discussed all over the internet and has several fixes, including changing a setting or two in either Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader.

What I'm working on right now is to see if there are any changes that I can make to the PatternWizard to eliminate the problem on our end so no settings need to be changed on your end.

Bear with me for a few days while I work on resolving it.


I posted one FREE knitting book for Kindle for today...grab it before it's gone!  (Note: you do not need to have an actual Kindle.  If you have a smartphone, you can download a Kindle reader app for FREE...if all you have is a PC, you can download to your PC...and I believe there may also be a way now of completely bypassing any kind of reader app to read directly online - though please don't quote me on that, as I'm not sure.  I find the PC reader to be quite decent for pattern content...since I don't own a Kindle, I can't say how well it works...but I would think a smaller screen would make patterns kind of difficult to read.)

Here's the circle (you must join to see posts):


LOL, I never thought of embroidery floss!  Great idea!  I was thinking more bedspread cotton...though if the strings are thick enough, perhaps even worsted weight cotton.  I wonder how the self-striping stuff would work?  Sounds like a fun experiment!  Smile

I generally don't crochet with embroidery floss anymore because I found that unless I want to go 6 full strands, it's such a pain.  Frown  To split an entire skein requires winding and winding onto something (I used to cut up paper towel tubes).  Yeesh, more trouble than it's worth.  Though that was also for making tiny teddy bears and such...perhaps 6 strands would be better for crocheting over strings.  Wonder who sells the variegated color floss these days?

If you have any strings to spare, thank you...that would be wonderful!  Kiss  I don't know how I'd find the time, either...sigh!  Undecided

Does Rustoleum stick without having to rough up the strings?  Yeesh, the only way to stop tool marks would have to be to coat the jaws of pliers and whatnot with tool dip.  I think I've read about people doing that, just because they don't want to scratch wire and/or findings.

Awww, yeah, the only things that can be listed in the mall right now are downloads...finished items will ultimately follow.  Kiss  LOL, lighting another flame!  Wink  So many plans, so little time...hubby needs a clone or three!  (Shuddering at the thought of more than one...  Wink)


UGH, corn!  There are some veggies that are fine to put in with pet food...I've never believed corn should be one of them.  Frown  The problem is that veggies are usually added to pet food for humans to feel comfortable with it.  Fail!  It should be based on the critter and what's right for their diet.

I know someone who has a muntjac deer furchild.  She has to keep him out of the cats' food!  He's an herbivore, of course.  He doesn't understand that the cat food is not his treat!

OTOH, there was a story in someplace like Australia, about people who brought a very sick, underweight kitty to the vet...and the vet discovered they'd been feeding the poor kitty only veggies!  Frown  Unbelievably, they did not remove the pet from the people's care.  Instead, they sent the people home with the kitty and some meat to feed it.  I hope they learned and that it wasn't a mistake to send them home with the poor critter!

Honestly, if you're going to want a pet that eats veggies, don't get a cat or dog!  Get a rabbit or something.  Geeze.

Onions, garlic, chocolate, caffeine, etc, are all terrible for dogs and cats.  (Raisins, too!)  I never knew that...not that we've ever tried to give any of it to our girl!  I wonder if my childhood kitties ever had bad stuff like that, though.  Frown

How cool that you reused the wool from the skirt!  If it was too small and you couldn't use it anymore, why not?!

It's really not worth it to unravel stuff...but then (caveat)...wool is so expensive, I might be tempted if I had something I really liked, particularly if it didn't fit anymore.

I'm not surprised about wood, bamboo, etc, splitting.  Not to sound paranoid, but it kind of makes me wonder if part of the selling point isn't that the items will ultimately have to be replaced?  I don't know, as I haven't specifically used the wood or bamboo, but I do know that metal (aluminum?) hooks and needles from years ago are pretty decent...except for the ones that went through the flood, they've lasted quite well.  Smile

I hope you'll post pics of the results with your sweater!  It sounds amazing!  Smile

You're so inventive!  Smile  I love how you took a still picture of a hat from a movie and made it out of crochet!  Can't wait to see those pics when you can get them!

LOL, scarves, shawls, headbands, bookmarks, stuffed animals, etc...all "safe" items, no fitting/measuring required!  Laughing

Oh, man, don't get me started on clothing sizes!  Yell  Particularly women's clothing.  Talk about a blatant fail!  Yell

Pants, for example: Men choose their pants based on waist and inseam.  Couldn't be more clear.

That way, you can't have (for instance) a 34 inch waistband if a pair of pants is labeled 38.

Women's sizes?  All over the place!  Yell

I can buy a size 8, and in one manufacturer's pants it may be way big, while in another, it may be way small.  There's no standardization whatsoever.

Every single pair of pants, every skirt, every blouse, whatever it is, has to be tried on first.  What's a size small could be too small or it could be way big.  And I still have yet to figure out "slim fit," "relaxed fit," etc.  A size should be a size, and that's it.  If you want to make something to fit a slim waist,'s an idea...make it that size and be done with it...don't make it a size X "slim fit"!  That makes no sense.

I've strugged all of my life to find sizes that fit.  Yell

For years, I wore a size 3 in pants.  It was comfortable.

I then didn't buy pants for a number of years.  The ones I had worked just fine, but then they started wearing out.

I went out to the store and grabbed size 3.  Too big!  The sizes had changed...and they didn't just change, they'd changed drastically.  Size 3 was...I don't even know what size it was.  Whatever it was turned out to be way big.

Then I couldn't find anything that fit.  I finally gave up and wore kids' clothes for a while...unfortunately, I gained a little weight from there and had to go back to women's sizes.  Frown

After yo-yoing up and down, I arrived back at what was a (new) women's size 4.  Still bigger than my old size 3, but whatever.  I knew if I went for a certain size and brand, size 4 petite, I would get something that would work fairly well.

Then one day I bought a pair of my size 4 petites and the fit had changed.  It was the most uncomfortable pair of pants I'd ever purchased.  I wore them one day and went back to something that was old and wearing out.  Frown

I'm wearing a slightly bigger size than a 4 now, but even so, I'm wearing pants that are one size larger than what I need, because the size I should wear is way too uncomfortable.

I have to wear belts to wear pants to get something that fits fairly well.

Who makes up women's sizes?  Have they ever met a real woman?  Because honestly, I don't think soFrown

Sorry...rant over.

It's too bad crocheted pants aren't the rage, huh?!  Wink

Hi, Shanz, and welcome!  Smiley

I'm so glad the loss of your job led to doing something you love!  IMO, when you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work.  And creative work is so much fun.  Smiley  (Harrowing, too, at times, but we won't talk about that, LOL! Wink )

If you have photos of any of your work, please feel free to share them in our photo albums!  I personally love drooling.  Grin

I'd also love to hear more about what led you to beading and what other crafts you enjoy!  Smiley

Melanie  (cat slave and Official Cat Can Opener) =^.^=
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