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Welcome to Stitchboard!  Feel free to sit and stay awhile.  Check out our new premier features.  We're now offering larger patterns (up to 500 stitches wide), illusion knitting and private labeling - no more worries about editing those pesky and messy PDFs!  We have many more features planned, too!  Smile
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This is a spot to list Cross Stitch Festivals and Events.  It doesn't replace the Timely Topics area; this is for seeing only cross stitch events at a glance.


Oh, no, I hear you about the migraines!  Cry  I get terrible ones.  Cry  Hope yours are over soon.

Dishcloth or afghan sounds wonderful.  Also, there still are people who do prefer the larger dishcloths...though I'm not sure why, as they're just so unweildy, IMO.  The mass-produced ones from the stores are the same way.  Guessing they run anywhere from 8 or 9 inches on up!

The nice thing about crocheted dishcloths is how they're thicker than the cloth dishcloths that are sold in the stores.  So that's one reason I feel like large is just a waste of dishcloth, since there's so much real estate that's not used.  Maybe I'm different, but I generally use only an area for scrubbing where my hand is, not 9 or so inches across!

Hoping you'll be rid of those migraines by the next time you post.  Kiss


Welcome!  Smile

So glad you found us!  And it's nice to hear that the freePatternWizard could be of help to you...this is why we created it, for people like you!  Kiss

Congrats on your success in the local shows...that sounds like so much fun!  I don't believe there's anything in our local area, so I'll have to live vicariously through you...please do tell!  Smile

Can't wait to see your can put them in messages here, or in our Photo Albums (from the top menu, go to "Social" and choose "member photo albums" from the choices).

I have a special place in my heart for cross stitchers (I cross stitched for years!) and an even more special place in my heart for anyone self-taught, as I'm self-taught, too!  Smile  I think it's even more fun than taking a class.  You would have access to what I used to have to spend oodles of money to buy...those lovely cross stitch magagazines out of the UK!  Kiss  The American magazines are very nice, but in the UK, magazines are an art in and of themselves.  I can't begin to count the number of amazing projects I made from them; matter of fact, if you check out my photo albums, you'll see a lot of those wonderful cover kits.  Smile

Look forward to more wonderful discussions with you about cross stitching!  Kiss

Hi everyone!

I joined today and am excited to be in such a wonderful support group! My name is Astrid and I live in Vienna, Austria. I have never done tunesian crochet before, but want to make a large picture blanket as my first project.... Think big! Wink

Admittedly, I mainly joined because I found your link to the pattern wizard somewhere on facebook and I really love it! The possibility to choose a limited number of colors is great! I have seen many tools by now, and not a one has had this property. This is especially great if you need your pattern to be a pattern for knitting or crochet, not for embroidering....

I have tried to make my pattern using the option tunisian crochet. But the pattern I get shows very square stitches, I imagined they would be taller... I have seen a tool where you can enter the number of stitches and rows you have for 10cm and the programme adapts the stitches to your gauge. This is just an idea for a possible further development of the tool... (If you want to have a look, check

I think you do a great job and I will be able to create my perfect pattern with the tool as it is as soon as I finally get my needles (they should arrive per mail today) and can do my final gauge... Smile

I am excited to start!! And I am excited to explore your wonderful site. What a great surprise it is so much more than a pattern programme! Smile

Greetings from the wonderful city of Vienna,

Edit: The needles have not been in the mail today... I will have to wait until tomorrow. This is ALMOST UNBEARABLE!!! Undecided


I don't trust the colors on the moniter either. Undecided That rarely pans out.

Here's hoping you find something wonderful at a good price. Kiss
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