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Houndstooth Pattern
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Nov 25, 2014
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Tie1978 message #1
Houndstooth Pattern
November 26, 2014 at 7:20:28 AM

I been looking all over the Internet and everywhere else for a crochet houndstooth pattern.

More specifically a corchet pattern for a sleevless dress and a coat. I found crochet patterns
for hats, scarfs, purses, etc. but none for a dress and/or a coat. Can someone please help

me find a pattern for these items or show me how to make a pattern myself. I would really

appreciate it. Thank you.


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Re: Houndstooth Pattern
November 27, 2014 at 4:15:26 AM  (in response to Tie1978 message #1)

I'm going to link you to two of my top favorite sites for absolutely free crochet patterns - tons of them.  Smile  While there's no way I can guarantee houndstooth specifically, you may be able to tweak something to make it into a houndstooth pattern.  Smile

I'll give you the links below, but as far as making a pattern yourself, that's a bit more involved.  You have to really pay attention to gauge, and it's also important to know about pattern shaping.  This is why my strong suggestion is to start with the sites I'm going to give you for at least a guideline.  You can then go from there, not only with the specific houndstooth pattern, but also, once you can find what you like, you'll have a basic design from which you can step off to make it exactly as you want it.  Smile

This, of the two, is my top favorite:
There are so many beautiful designs on this site, it's easy to get lost in searches!  Smile

This is my second favorite:
For Lion Brand, you do have to register, but registration is completely free as are their patterns (there are a handful of older patterns that are only available as printed patterns, but a number of years ago, Lion Brand decided to make all of their digital patterns absolutely free!).

Hope that helps!  Smile

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