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HI I am Jackie Popp
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Jan 8, 2014
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ButterflyMeadowGifts message #1
HI I am Jackie Popp
January 9, 2014 at 9:30:39 AM
HI I am Jackie Popp from Fort Smith Arkansas.
 I started beading over a yr ago. I have my own at home business called Butterfly Meadow Gifts.
I make beaded jewerely, knit and crochet scarves and easy things to sell, I am fixing to start teaching at some point this yr soonist I hope. I have a interview friday at Hancock Fabrics.
 I am also a professional wildlife and nature photographer. My photos sell on products and screen printed gifts. 15+ yrs as a  professional photographer.
 We have 3 dogs and 3 cats. When It's nice out we are out doing photos.
 My Website is  and I am in fb.
Thanks for having me.

Butterfly Meadow Gifts
Jackie Popp

Look at that smile! (Photo guaranteed unretouched)
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Jul 1, 2009
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Re: HI I am Jackie Popp
January 9, 2014 at 2:56:50 PM  (in response to ButterflyMeadowGifts message #1)
Welcome, Jackie!  Smile

Your work is so beautiful!  Smile  Feel free to some photos of your finished work to our photo albums...we love to drool.  Smile

It's so nice how you've turned your love of nature photography into a business.

So are you always taking pictures of your dogs & cats?  LOL, I'm always trying.  We have a very camera-shy kitty.  (We think the flash is too disconcerting.)  Our kitty will do pretty much anything to avoid being photographed.  Tongue Out  Set up the perfect shot...and kitty is out of there!  Laughing

Melanie  (cat slave and Official Feline Can Opener) =^.^=
I'm a beading, knitting and crochet addict.  If that means I'm admitting I have a problem, then I admit to nothing. Please refrain from helping me.

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