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Threads for beading? Pros and Cons
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Threads for beading? Pros and Cons
December 21, 2011 at 2:28:15 PM
Hi all
Got a question:
Which is the strongest thread to use for doing peyote stitch for large project
Pros and Cons for each of the threads
One G thread
nymo thread


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Re: Threads for beading? Pros and Cons
December 21, 2011 at 6:51:55 PM

Excellent question!  Smiley

My choices are Fireline and PowerPro for strength.  I believe (though could be wrong) both are equivalent fibers to each other, and I think they're also made by the same manufacturer.'s been said Fireline (and it probably follows for PowerPro, as well) can cut itself when knotted.  So when I'm working with either one, I just weave back without knotting to finish.

Nymo and One-G have the same feel to them.  From what I've heard, Nymo is the least sturdy of all.  (I say this because even though I have some old projects made with Nymo, others have said some of their projects made with Nymo have fallen apart.)

One-G is pretty new.  Being used to Fireline, I tried it and had a lot of trouble getting re-accustomed to the texture.  Like Nymo, it would be super for something like fringing, and also for RAW, netting and lacy stitches.  Because of the whole reluctance to knot Fireline thing, I would use One-G for RAW, netting, lacy stitches and fringe.  BUT...I still don't like the texture.  Fireline feels so solid.  One-G feels so flimsy to me.  Sad

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