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Help with "Shop" feature
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Arachne53 message #1
Help with "Shop" feature
June 7, 2011 at 6:02:26 AM
I'm having a little problem with the "Shop" feature.  I see the "Sample Items" but don't see where I could look at other items.  I see "Search" but, if I don't know what's on offer, how do I know what to search for?  I just want to see everything that is being offered.

Thanks for your help,
Kate G

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Re: Help with "Shop" feature
June 8, 2011 at 2:52:26 AM

Welcome...and thanks for writing!  Smiley  Great picture!

(Your question was moved to this area because the other was for the Member Showcase.)

The short answer to your question is that if you want to see everything that's available in the store, you can use the "search" box, and leave it empty.  That will return everything available in the store.

For the long answer...the Stitchboard Mall is a brand new part of our new web site software.  We've been in the process of renovating the entire site (began about a month ago).  Since it's new, there are relatively few items in the mall.  We're working over the next couple weeks to implement some new features there.

Thanks to your inquiry, we were able to adjust the "search" box so a word or phrase doesn't have to be entered and will return everything in the mall.  Smiley  As the inventory builds, this will show the first 100 random items.  Also, the reason you may not show new items (recently uploaded), is that we currently manually enable the items once uploaded.

We'll enable the free items within the next 24 hours, and the items for sale in a few days.  This is simply to be sure transactions are working smoothly.  We're in the final stages of testing and fine tuning.

In the meantime, feel free to upload away.  And we'll make an announcement when the items for sale come live.

By the way, at first, the items uploaded to the Mall for free and sale will also be automatically announced in the Stitchboard Activity Feed on our home page.  Again, this will take place when we enable the items.

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