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Where'd my Activity Feed go?
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Where'd my Activity Feed go?
March 14, 2011 at 10:02:35 PM
If you're on a page (such as the home page) where you should see the web site activity feed but do not, you've probably changed your "Activity Feed Line Count" option to 0 (zero) in your "my settings" page.

Go to the pull-down "my area" menu and select "my settings".

One of the options on this page allows you to set the number of lines of activity you see.  If the number is set to zero, the entire "Activity Feed" box will disappear.  To fix this, simply select any value other than zero.  The "Activity Feed" box will re-appear.  Magic Shocked

So if you set it at "5", you'll see the most recent 5 site activities in the "Activity Feed" box.

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