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Welcome! (Click on this line to read)
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Welcome! (Click on this line to read)
February 13, 2010 at 10:08:30 AM
If you're viewing this, it means you haven't yet registered for Stitchboard.  We thought we'd take a moment to tell you a little bit about the site.

Most importantly, Stitchboard membership is 100% free! is a site for all stitchers -- beaders, knitters, crocheters, sewers and many others.  There are several areas to explore and participate in.

Community (where you are right now) is a message area for members to discuss topics of interest.  You can join in the discussions, answer other people's questions, ask your own questions, start new discussions, and generally communicate with others.  Please note that, as a guest, you are only seeing a couple topic areas.  There are many more there, and once you join, you'll see them all.  We have more categories to come, and if you're interested in having us add one, please let us know (a Suggestion Box topic is available for this purpose).

Circles is a more intensive discussion area and social network, where you can start your own special interest area.  You can have your own blog, message area, photo gallery and more.  In circles, members also have their own blogs and photo galleries where they can discuss anything on their mind.

The Stitchboard Multimedia area is loaded with stitching (and non-stitching) videos.  You can search by subject.  As an example, there are over 31,000 beading, 43,000 knitting, 34,000 sewing, and 12,000 crochet videos to watch!  In addition to doing your own searches, you can also view other members' suggested videos, YouTube playlists, and have fun watching videos from our own "Just For Fun" area.

Some of the other areas (and there's lots more to come) include The Stitchboard Boutique (online stitching store), Free Downloads, Greeting Cards, Mailing Lists, and Contests.  We're working feverishly to build up the site and you'll see new things every month or two.

So why not join?  The easiest way is to click on the "Register" menu button above, or go to and click on the Register option at the top.

We look forward to seeing you here!

And thanks for visiting.

Melanie  (cat slave and Official Feline Can Opener) =^.^=
I'm a beading, knitting and crochet addict.  If that means I'm admitting I have a problem, then I admit to nothing. Please refrain from helping me.

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