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“The Beaded Dollhouse” by Nobuyo Chiba
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“The Beaded Dollhouse” by Nobuyo Chiba
February 7, 2010 at 9:32:05 PM

Like many other people, I really like miniatures.  ï¿½The Beaded Dollhouse� garnered immediate appeal.

Here in the US, we should count ourselves fortunate that this book was translated for us into English, as it was previously available in the original Japanese.  Matter of fact, I�d first read of this book in a beading magazine, which explained the need to purchase it from Japan.

Now, I�ve seen Japanese books and beading magazines before.  IMO, these books are very, very clear.  They have illustrations that are so spectacular, it�s easy to figure out any instructions, regardless of the language barrier.  Even so, I still prefer English for my ease of use.  When I learned the book was going to be translated, I put it on my holiday list and was lucky enough to receive it.

The projects are mostly done the �traditional� Japanese way, using RAW (right angle weave), crystals and monofilament (or wire) to create incredibly tiny 3D pieces of furniture and dollhouse d�cor items.  Each piece is exquisite.

Not into crystals?  People have used the patterns in this book with great success with 8/0 seed beads.

Though I�ve seen many dollhouse books, I�ve never before seen a book about making furniture using beads, nor one as unique as this.  If you like miniatures, particularly things relating to dollhouses, this book offers many terrific patterns for creating things to easily thrill the tiniest of dolls (or humans).  Grin

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