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"The Art of Beaded Beads" edited by Jean Campbell
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"The Art of Beaded Beads" edited by Jean Campbell
January 27, 2010 at 12:50:44 PM

�The Art of Beaded Beads� edited by Jean Campbell

�The Art of Beaded Beads� is a beadweaver�s delight.  If you�re into beaded beads (smaller, not as time consuming projects), this book is for you.

You don�t have to like everything in this book to find it of great value.  Most of the beaded beads here catch my eye, a few don�t.

The most excellent thing about this book is one can choose several beads to make and combine them for an entire necklace.  There is no end to the variety and colors for one to mix and match.

I personally like the idea of smaller items that can be made with leftover beads.  I can�t resist the thought of simple take-along projects that use up the odds and ends from my stash, while giving me a myriad of different techniques.

Matter of fact, there are so many techniques used here, this is more than simply a book of projects; it can also stand alone as a reference of techniques, if one chooses.  Though I would strongly recommend a true reference (such as Carol Wilcox Wells� �Creative Bead Weaving� � review to come at a later date � and �The Art & Elegance of Beadweaving�) for learning techniques in depth, one which contains specific instructions on how to begin and end threads, increase, decrease, etc, one can still learn a heck of a lot from this book.

I was also quite impressed with the industry names who contributed to the publication: Sharon Bateman, Diane Fitzgerald, Carole Horn, Gillian Lamb, Yoshi Marubashi and Nancy Zellers, to name a few.  This isn�t as much a book on beaded beads as it is a gathering of some of the greatest names in the bead world, here to teach you something fun.

And with a book that will help you destash your leftover beads, how can you lose?

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