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Feb 8, 2023
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lmricci65 message #1
New to This
February 9, 2023 at 7:38:07 PM

I created a geometric crochet pattern in Excel using a single cells.  I used Snip & Sketch to make a copy of it and save it as a jpg.  The image doesn't have the row numbers or column letters included.  As far as I can tell, you can't see the lines in the graph either.  When I upload it to the wizard, it changes each cell into two or three rows.  Why does it do that?  How do I prevent that from happening?

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Re: New to This
February 11, 2023 at 1:52:07 AM  (in response to lmricci65 message #1)
Welcome! Smile I've forwarded your message to Terry, who does our support, but in the meantime, did you upload a large image? The freePatternWizard doesn't work like a graphics program, so if you have an image that's (for example) 3500x3500 pixels, bringing it down to 300x300 will only confuse it. Also, a jpg is a difficult file type to work with, because it's not detailed like a gif. It will tend to add extra pixels and "smudge" colors. You can see those if you import the image into a graphics program and then zoom in very close, to a pixel level.

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February 12, 2023 at 1:34:30 AM  (in response to lmricci65 message #1)

The program will take each image pixel across as a stitch.  So if your screen-captured image is 130 pixels across, you'll get 130 stitches.

I'm not exactly sure how you're using Excel to lay out a pattern.  Are you using a color fill-in function to fill cells?  What are your cell widths?

I just experimented using Excel to create a small 5x5 pattern (5 cells across) and set each cell to a width of 1.  I then filled in desired cells with various colors.  I filled the empty ones with white to block out the Excel column and row lines.  I then did a screen capture and saved it to a file.  I found that each Excel cell had an image pixel count of 26 pixels each.  So when I ran the image through the PatternWizard, I got a 130-stitch pattern.

In Excel Screen Pattern greatly reduced to fit here

You're not the first person to mention using Excel so if you could let me know what you're doing, maybe there's something I could do in the program to help.  It never was made to interact with Excel but please let me know how you set up your Excel and I'll think about it.


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