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Graph Conversion
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Feb 15, 2018
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MBTScotland message #1
Graph Conversion
February 15, 2018 at 4:42:37 AM
I have jmust joined and am trying to convert a cross sticj graph to kinitting. The graph converts but there are lots of lines (square) how can I get rid of these please. What am I dping wrong.

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Re: Graph Conversion
February 16, 2018 at 2:00:55 AM  (in response to MBTScotland message #1)

Welcome! Smile

The freePatternWizard doesn't convert graphs to other graphs. Its function is to take images, such as photos or drawn artwork, and change them to graphs. So if you have, say, a drawing of a turtle, you'd take that image, upload it, and turn that into a knitting graph.

This is why you won't be able to convert a cross stitch graph. The freePatternWizard is looking at the graph lines and such, saying, "I don't know what these are, but they're obviously part of the pattern, so I'll include them!"

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