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v3.3.0 Added Filet Crochet!
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v3.3.0 Added Filet Crochet!
May 10, 2016 at 2:45:43 PM
Filet Crochet has been one of our most requested features and we've had a button showing for a long time.  We just added this new feature and as we've been telling people, it's the newest Premier Feature.

This feature allows you to upload a drawing or graphic image and create your own filet crochet charts.  You can turn on borders is you like, select turning chain count, and, as with other stitches, adjust your image with many optional tools.  For those new here, the main freePatternWizard page is here.

Just a quick rundown...

Everyone subscribed to "All Premier Features" will already be able to access this new feature!  Otherwise, when you subscribe to the Filet Crochet feature, you can then click on the "filet" button in section 3.  When you do, section 5 will change to the following image:

Note the new options:
Borders lets you have the system automatically include top/bottom and/or left/right borders.  You can also have it either count or not count the borders in your chart.  So if you set it to not count borders and specify 40 blocks across and have left and right borders turned on, it would make a chart 42 blocks across.  Telling it to count the borders would result in a chart that's 40 blocks across including the borders.

You can also set your desired turning chain count – either 2 chain or 3 chain.  This will also affect the foundation starting chain count (explained in a moment).

Instead of "stitch" counts on the chart, it will now show "block" counts as shown below (note that some of the special formatting you see on the pdf cover page is made with the "Private Label (Custom) pdf Premier feature):

Next, on the cover sheet below the chart thumbnail image is a key showing that the black (filled-in) boxes are double crochet blocks and the others are open blocks.  After this is information about the number of stitches that make up the foundation starting chain.  A sample is below:

One other change is even row counts are now on the left and odds on the right.  (For you left-handed stitchers, read this message about a new feature just added for you! Laughing ):

ALSO, we added filet default settings to the right "Settings" tab so you can make it always do borders or whatever when you select filet.  These settings will only show if you have subscribed to the filet Premier feature.

We're looking for your input and please let us know what else you'd like!  We're on a roll!  Oh, yeah, and please subscribe to the filet feature!


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