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Stitches for scarves
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lac7976 message #1
Stitches for scarves
September 25, 2015 at 11:50:31 PM
How do set the stitch count if my scarf is 225 stitches by 25 stitches ?

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Re: Stitches for scarves
September 26, 2015 at 4:42:23 AM  (in response to lac7976 message #1)
The way the freePatternWizard works is by taking your desired stitch count and then optimizing your photo or artwork to work for that stitch count.  If you were to designate a row count, then undoubtedly your design would be skewed, either too elongated or too short.

If you have an image that you can't get to the right size, the suggestion I have is to add borders in a graphics program.  You'll probably have to fiddle with the image until you get it to look the way you want it, but this way your design won't be skewed.  Especially with something that is 225 stitches x 25 rows, that's really not a lot of rows to deal with.  You may even find that you simply can't make the image short enough for only 25 rows, so you may have to rethink your choice of materials, the number of rows in your image or the image you're using to get your desired result.

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