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Welcome to Stitchboard!  Feel free to sit and stay awhile.  If you have some pictures, you can post them in our photo albums...we love to drool!  If there's a crafty (or non-crafty) topic that interests you, stop by and discuss it, and finally, if you have an interest in free Kindle crafting books, become a member of our Crafty Bookworms Circle (FREE!) for listings that are updated on a (somewhat) daily basis.  Smile
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News: 4-8-14 Just thought we'd mention that the software on the Stitchboard servers is not affected by the 'OpenSSL Heartbleed' bug in the news. Your information here remains secure.
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I posted two FREE knitting patterns for Kindle for today...grab them before they're gone!  (Note: you do not need to have an actual Kindle.  If you have a smartphone, you can download a Kindle reader app for FREE...if all you have is a PC, you can download to your PC...and I believe there may also be a way now of completely bypassing any kind of reader app to read directly online - though please don't quote me on that, as I'm not sure.  I find the PC reader to be quite decent for pattern content...since I don't own a Kindle, I can't say how well it works...but I would think a smaller screen would make patterns kind of difficult to read.)

Here's the circle (you must join to see posts):


LOL!  I think my screw is far looser than yours!  Wink

I don't know...we must be gluttons for punishment!  I guess it's that when we stop torturing ourselves, it feels soooooooooo good.  Laughing

Ooh, do you know your friend's colors?  I love how useful and versatile these will be, and fairly inexpensive for the materials, too!  Kiss

You're welcome...I know you're going to make something incredibleKiss

I bet the lizard scarf will be really cute when it's done, and probably looks pretty cute now as a WIP!  Please take pics if you can.  Kiss

Argh, time.  Where does it go?  Now my numbers are reversed on the dishcloths, BTW...7 left to go, 9 done.  Undecided  Tomorrow night I plan on some TV watching, and hoping that number will be down to 5 left to go, 11 done (4 left to go, 12 done would be even better, but not counting on being able to accomplish that!).  I figure it takes about an hour for a dishcloth, depending on the patterns.  I've started working the more labor intensive ones first, just to get them done.  I have 3 done of one design, and that's the most I have of any of them.  Seriously thinking about starting tomorrow night with that same one, then going on to the other one, of which I also have three.  Then I have (IIRC) 2 of the one design made and only 1 of the easiest one.

It will be a huge relief to get the more labor intensive ones done, leaving the simpler ones.  Then I'll just alternate the last 5 dishcloths in the two designs, so I don't make the same one twice in a row and it won't be so dull!  Tongue Out


Ok, I took a bit of time just now and looked into the problem.

It was actually an easy fix.

I looked back into my records and this problem was caused by a change I made on July 20 of 2012!  It's amazing that this wasn't reported sooner!

Anyway, it seems to work now.  Without specifying the number of colors, I got a 20 or 30-color pattern, depending on whether it was beading or cross stitch.  I then told it to do a 5-color cross stitch and beading pattern, both with colors and shades of grays and all is well.  I also checked the black and white and manual color choosing modes too.

Thanks again for letting me know about this and have fun!


Hi, Nancy...welcome!  Smile

From what part of NY do you hail?  I'm originally from NY.  Smile

Feel free to post pics of your graphghans...they sound wonderfulSmile  I've crocheted regular afghans, but never a graphghan.  I'd love to see what you've done!

How long have you been crocheting?  The one thing I've discovered is that after 30+ years of crocheting, I'm still learning...that's the fun of it, IMO!  Smile

No biggy, I have been working a beanie wolf hat for my oldest, so my time for experiment for my purse has been put on hold till I get it done.  Smiley

Thanks so much for the video.  It was so very helpful.  I do think tonight I will try it out.  I do have 11/0 beads for that and I do think I will use my good ones so that I get a good finish and can decide how I want to go with my purse.  

The 8/0 beads I was using w/ #10 thread, I was crocheting.  Smiley  I did like the look even tho I had to use crapy beads.  Only thing I was unhappy with is that beads are put on every other row.  I had heard that there is a way to do beads each way, but I can not find any info. on that.

Thanks again so much for all the help.

ETA:  Oh almost forgot to ask.  What do you think of Toho beads?  I did notice that Michael's carried these now.  I think I remember reading somewhere that they are good quailty.  Am I wrong?
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