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New!  Filet Crochet is here!

Welcome to Stitchboard!  Feel free to sit and stay awhile.  Check out our new Premier features.  In addition to the ability to create larger patterns (up to 500 stitches wide), illusion knitting and private labeling (no more worries about editing those pesky and messy PDFs), we've just introduced Filet Crochet, our most popular request!  We have many more features planned, too!  Smile
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Hi All,

I just joined.  I've been looking for a graphing program for beading.  I was thrilled when I found Stitchboard.  Not only did I find a good pattern program, I found a community too!!! 

I have tried just about every craft you can name.  I'm currently beading on a loom.  I also work in silver, handmade filigree and wirewrap.  

Is the beading community active here?

Happy to be here.


Can I get my stitch count upgraded as well.


Oooh, there's a video?  I didn't know that.  I'll have to look!

Let me know what you think after you see it all the way through.  Smile

Wow, under the bar of the stitch...yeah, that's what it sounds like to me, that the loops would all be on one side.  Definitely, I'd be cautious about gauge.  Undecided  Unfortunately, I think for the most part that if you want something to look knitted, it needs to be knitted, or crocheted if you want it to look crocheted!  (Even though there technically are knit stitches that resemble crochet.)

No too!  Kiss  I get totally bored "just" watching TV without doing something else.  It's so much nicer to be getting something accomplished while watching a great show!

That's the great thing about making them yourself, you can put whatever you like in them.
My hubby doesn't care much for cheese either, so I can replace it with picante or something.
I've put all kinds of things in them, and they always disappear quickly. Laughing

I was thinking I may have to do that as well, buy one of the sets from Jo Ann. Not sure when I'll be able to get over there again.

Well I've pretty well answered the question for myself, though I might give it a try with TPS and TSS, just to see if it holds true.

I don't have any T-pins, I have straight pins though. I pinned them to a piece of foamboard, while they were wet, and allowed them to dry to get my initial measurements. But as soon as I unpinned them to weigh them, they curled right up. Tongue Out Pretty sure now that this is why most tunisian patterns are done with natural fibers, at least it can be steam ironed.

Worsted weight acrylic just isn't really suitable for use with the smaller afghan hooks.


I bet your granddaughter will love the hand towel!  It's such a pretty design.  Kiss

I just made a dishcloth with it.  I kept going until it was over 5" under 6", then did a round of sc, approx 1 sc at the top of each "vertical" stitch and 2 or 3 in the horizontal ones.  I purposely went 2 stitches "back" or "under" when doing the sc row , to keep it from looking like the edging had holes in it.  I like the way it turned out!  I didn't bother counting to know if they've got the same number of scs on all sides...meh, they're dishcloths!

Also decided that the way to let people know what they are is to include a tag, perhaps saying something like, "Care and feeding of your new dishcloths."  Then I'll just say to wash them in a washing machine and throw them in the dryer and they'll be fine!  Smile

LOL, I'm afraid nobody will otherwise know they're dishcloths!

I think that's a wonderful idea to make that pattern into towels for yourself and to work the topper in.  If you use a variegated, you also won't have to mess around with working in a gazillion ends.  I don't want to do a striped effect, bleh, and have all of those yarn ends to weave!  Surprised  The lazy crocheter, LOL!  Wink

And then starting the towels now would be fantastic!  LOL, just don't forget where you stashed them...that's my problem...I always forget where I stash things away.  Cry  They're in such safe places I don't know where they are.  Surprised

I can't wait to see what you make dust cover wise!  Kiss

Oooh, now that you mention it, you're right about the RH yarn for dust covers.  It really doesn't need to be absorbent.  Just needs to keep the dust off, and then you can throw it into the washer when it gets a small layer of dust on.  Smile  Best of all, no need for blocking, no worries about stretching (or shrinking), and the colors will never fade!  Smile

Oh, yes, you can change the colors whenever you get tired of them!  Maybe change them every year or so.  Smile  Love that idea, too!  Kiss

Argh is right...after all, it was your kitchen, so if they didn't like your ideas...too bad!  That's so wrong.  You have to live with it, not them.  I'm so sorry they did that.  Cry
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