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Welcome to Stitchboard!  Feel free to sit and stay awhile.  Check out our new premier features.  We're now offering larger patterns (up to 500 stitches wide), illusion knitting and private labeling - no more worries about editing those pesky and messy PDFs!  We have many more features planned, too!  Smile
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News: 4-8-14 Just thought we'd mention that the software on the Stitchboard servers is not affected by the 'OpenSSL Heartbleed' bug in the news. Your information here remains secure.
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If you're referring to word patterns, they're not in word format...sorry, I see where that would be confusing!  Word patterns (for crochet so far) are in PDF format.  This means when you make a PDF and you opt for your PDF document to have either a graph and a word pattern or a word pattern by itself, your PDF will contain instructions that give your colors row by row and in what order they're to be stitched.


Unfortunately, men are much too violent in general (exceptions to that, of course).  And I do believe if we women were in charge, there wouldn't be so much war.  War is terrible and  pointless, but anyone who would glorify it as "good" really should reconsider that in the light of solid facts about how bad war is for everyone.  (Well, except for those who bask in the "glory," as they're the ones who sit behind the scenes and never fight.  Those who willingly send young people to die should know exactly what those young people deal with.)


Fnatastic!  Kiss

Sorry for my late response...we're in the middle of moving, sigh, so no making presents this year.  Cry  Hoping to be back here as usual before the end of the year...not sure it's possible, but am trying!  Smile

Anyway, I'm tickled for finished with five days to spare...woo hoo!  Kiss

Is there any way to adjust the height on the pattern?  It keeps giving me 100.



I shouldn't even be thinking about combining patterns since I haven't crocheted in over 30 years, and even then, the only larger projects (that I can remember) were a 6' round rag rug for my kitchen and an Aran afghan I did for my mom.  Other than that I made a few small doilies and sewed narrow elastic around the edge to help contain my daughters' upswept hair for dance classes. (Another purpose for doilies.)  Presumptious of me that I can.  But I probably will try, basically it's just math, right?  But it does add a lot of time to projects.

I like this rug, but the holes in the middle round are just too large, so I would have to adjust them (then would need to adjust everything the whole way out) or fill them in with a lacy pattern, hmmm.  But maybe insert that "holey" round into the other pattern???

I would like to make 3 rugs: round one for the sunroom wall, and two oval/oblong ones.

I really do like the one on that website (pic #1 below), but have no idea how to make it. Any ideas?  And I can actually picture some round (maybe hex or other shaped), maybe 18" diameter ones climbing the walls in my vaulted rooms.  Can't you see them on the dark blue/green painted walls, maybe 3 with the one in the center mounted higher?

I ordered 3 Patricia Kristoffersen books from Amazon (one came yesterday).  You probably know this, but on, you can key in the name of a book, and it will show you pics of all the patterns inside (and other crocheters' color variations as well).  I would hate to order a book blindly.  Also Patricia Kristoffersen has video galleries of some of her books (  I ordered "Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies" and "Doilies with a Twist" and another one that is not in the video gallery which has a pattern that I really like (pic #2 below).

I'd have to live to 200 to get all my projects done.


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