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Welcome to Stitchboard!  Feel free to sit and stay awhile.  If you have some pictures, you can post them in our photo albums...we love to drool!  If there's a crafty (or non-crafty topic) that interests you, stop by and discuss it, and finally, if you have an interest in free Kindle crafting books, become a member of our Crafty Bookworms Circle (FREE!) for listings that are updated on a (somewhat) daily basis.  Smile
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News: 4-8-14 Just thought we'd mention that the software on the Stitchboard servers is not affected by the 'OpenSSL Heartbleed' bug in the news. Your information here remains secure.
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Stitchboard Support posted a reply in the Community
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Welcome!  Smile  Glad you found us!

As we don't currently have font capabilities, your best bet is to use a graphics program to create simple, easy to read lettering.  If you choose a font that's too small or hard to read, it will lose definition if you put it through the freePatternWizard, so you need to choose one that won't tend to blur or lose definition.

The freePatternWizard is set up for either single crochet stitches or Tunisian crochet stitches.  Double crochet is not recommended, as it will elongate your stitches and won't look anything like the pattern you create.

You're also better off creating your images as .gif files, since .jpgs often blur.

As for making the pattern a certain size, that's a bit more difficult.  My suggestion is usually to experiment with adding borders to make the length turn out the way you want it, as you're only allowed to choose the width.  The reason for that is if you can choose the length, your pattern will likely distort and not look very good!

You also should work up a gauge swatch so you know how many stitches to the inch will be produced with the yarn and hook you'll be using.

It's not impossible; it's only that with your desire to make something with fonts you'll need to do a bit of experimentation.  Smile

Welcome!  Smile

Since you're trying to make a crochet graphghan, I would say to run your chart again through the freePatternWizard, but this time, don't use the Stitchboard Full Palette, as you'll never be able to find all of those colors in yarn.  Change the palette to the Stitchboard Basic Palette.  The Stitchboard Basic Palette has light, medium and dark shades of the most basic colors, plus a few more "unusual" colors that don't really fit in.  Sadly (but understandably), yarn manufacturers aren't interested in producing palettes of hundreds of colors, as they'd probably be left with hundreds of skeins that wouldn't sell very well, just to get that certain shade of green or blue someone might need here and there.

The brand of yarn depends on your preferences.  There are different types of fibers, and also, some may have more color choices than others.  Some people prefer wool, which is pricier, and some prefer acrylic, both for the savings and ease of laundering.  Smile

Hope that helps!  Smile


Hi, the Filet Crochet option is currently not available.  I'll let Terry (Support) know about that, as the more requests he gets for something, the higher it goes on his priority list.  Smile  As we're always improving and adding to the Free Pattern Wizard, we want to have as many options available as possible!  Smile


Hee hee, knew you were in as desperate "need" as I am for hooks!  Wink

Oooh, they have them at Michael's?!  Is this something new?  Because remember, the only thing I could find was that H hook, at Michael's, not JoAnn's.  Yell  But if this is new, they may have gotten that in.

Just made a few calls...argh, JoAnn's doesn't carry them here...they said to go to the superstore, which isn't even close by.  Yell

Michael's has them (out of stock on the Q hook), for $7.99, ouch.

They have P, Q and that L hook!  I would never have thought so!

You know, I initially had the same problem with knitting!  It was way too slow.  Yell  I finally gave up.

What changed it for me was an elderly woman I saw knitting on a commuter train.  She was knitting along soooooooooo fast...I watched her, trying to determine her secret, to memorize what she was doing, and as soon as I could get to my books, I realized the only thing that was different was she'd held the yarn in her left hand, not her right hand, the way I'd learned.  The lightbulb went on.  As soon as I switched hands, everything else fell into place.

Otherwise, I probably never would have picked up knitting.

The dropped stitch thing can be annoying, that's for sure!  Yell  Thankfully, I don't drop them often.  LOL, just often enough to cause cursing fun for the whole family.  Wink

Thanks!  That's good to know about the hook...I'm going to have to wait until I get a P hook, then, to do any TKS with RH.  Oh, well, no biggie.  Plenty of other stuff to do, and I still have a mountain of dischloths left, sigh, plus the other two projects with which I consulted with you.  Undecided's not supposed to be as cold...but it's supposed to hold on longer.  Yell  Thank you for the warm thoughts...greatly appreciated!  Kiss

I've emailed you 3 images two that don't work and one that does, in hopes that you can figure this out. I've tried making setting changes and the photos that don't work, don't work and the few that do work do.

Again I have to tell you how wonderful and awesome I think pattern wizard is-by far the best pattern generator I've found.
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