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Welcome to Stitchboard!  Feel free to sit and stay awhile.  If you have some pictures, you can post them in our photo albums...we love to drool!  If there's a crafty (or non-crafty) topic that interests you, stop by and discuss it, and finally, if you have an interest in free Kindle crafting books, become a member of our Crafty Bookworms Circle (FREE!) for listings that are updated on a (somewhat) daily basis.  Smile
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News: 4-8-14 Just thought we'd mention that the software on the Stitchboard servers is not affected by the 'OpenSSL Heartbleed' bug in the news. Your information here remains secure.
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Oh, no, sourceforge is now into malware?!  SurprisedYell  I used to rely on them!  Yell

I'm talking to hubby about ultimately getting malwarebytes.  It has a 3-computer license...he won't use it, so I'll use it on here and my desktop computer.  Not sure what the timeframe is, though.  It's not terrible...$25 for a year...but it's still an unplanned purchase which wasn't a priority before and is moving up the list.  At least it checks programs in real time, which I imagine is as you either download them in the first place or as you try to install them, so they can't put crap on your system!

I don't blame good developers from moving away from sourceforge over the malware issue.  Malware is a very sleazy way of making money.  If we had a downloadable software product, I would not want to make money that way.  It's completely wrong.  There are plenty of legitimate ways of making money, and honestly, if it came to that, I would rather have a software product that made no money than one that ruined people's computers and gave them headaches.  Life is too short to fight with crapware.  Yell

I agree with downloading straight from the source...though these days, it's next to impossible!  I tried to find the original source for a certain FLV player I really used to work great, but now it doesn't work anymore.  So I went to install the new version, thought I had it from the source site...nope.  Malware.  Yell

And that was the issue with Foxit,'s the actual company that's been updating their software with malware.  Yell  So now I need to switch, but I can't really do it until I get malwarebytes, because I'm so afraid whatever I install is going to have malware!  Yell

If OO doesn't have a reader, I'm sure there's a free program for Linux that does...may even be a free Adobe reader for Linux.  Smile

Oh, I think I can do you one better than crossed toes, LOL.  I think I can talk someone who knows a lot about Linux into talking to you if you have trouble!  Kiss

He uses Ubuntu Server...he says he's been pleased with it.  You'd probably need Ubuntu if you go to:
and then click on "Download" - you have to choose between 32 and 64 bit, depending on what you have, of course.

He said it's very download it, it goes right onto a CD, which is a bootable CD, and then it installs it on your system for you.  He said it's very easy...and after all you've already done, I'm positive you won't have a problem!  Kiss


LOL, sigh, you're right.  "Disciplined" doesn't go with something that should be fun!

I did finish the bloody thing last night and am happy with the way it turned that our temperatures are way too high to wear it.  Oh, well, it will be good for next year.

LOL, better than little kids, though...we won't get in trouble for stepping on yarns!  Wink  Don't have to feed, clothe or send them to school, either...I'll take being smacked around by a skein or two for such low maintenance!  Laughing

Thanks to member, Clare, for pointing out a download problem when creating a pattern on the screen, I just made a small update.

When I added the support for languages other than English, I created a problem with the screen-generated pattern download function.  When you clicked on the "Download pattern" button, it simply returned you to the Stitchboard home page.

I just corrected the problem and now you can download the screen patterns again.  Sorry!

By the way, the non-English language support is now built in but I need to do some final testing and loading of translations before I'll turn it on.  (I've been testing the patternWizard in French.)  You'll eventually be able to choose different languages in your "Settings" tab at the right of the screen.  It's not quite ready yet but all the code is in the program.  Once I enable it, I'll ask everyone to point out any incorrect translations so I can fine-tune the various translations, but it initially should be pretty close.

So as I always ask everyone, please let me know if you find a problem so I can fix it.

And thanks again, Clare!

We received the following question through the freePatternWizard question tab:

I am new to this site... I did get several pages for a design but I keep getting " sorry you sent an invalid image file type or size. check our allowed image types and upload size.... reenter new information below... I have done the same thing as my first one.... what am I doing wrong

As I mentioned in the FAQs area, there can be several reasone for this.

Possible reason 1 is that you sent the patternWizard a .png, .bmp, .tif, .psd, .svg, .pcx, or .wbmp and you're not a logged-in member.  Until you log in, you can only use .gif or .jpg images. Once logged in, you can use .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif, .psd, .svg, .pcx, or .wbmp images.

Possible reason 2 is that your image contains invalid formatting codes. This can simply be because your particular graphics program that generated the image saves in a non-standard format.

Possible reason 3 is that your image is in a slightly different  format of a particular image type. For example, there are 6 different formats of .tif images.  I try to update the freePatternWizard as I find an image that uses an unsupported format.  Since additional alternate formats of image types are being created once in awhile, it sometimes boils down to the simple fact that I have not tested all possible variances.  BUT, I generally can add support as I find a format-related issue so I always ask people if they'll email a copy of an image with which they're having a problem.  Note that saving your image here in the community will not help since the Community reformats the image and we lose the incompatibility.  So normally someone should post a problem here in the Community and I'll send them an email to which they can reply and attach the troubled image.  The more I can address the unsupported image formats, the fewer "invalid image" errors the program will generate.  So, over time, it should be pretty trouble-free.

Possible reason 4 could, in rare cases, be due to malicious code embedded in an image. This will not generally happen when you generate the image yourself with a graphics program, but can happen if you download an image from somewhere else.  I can tell you that the freePatternWizard does try to catch such image files and give an error.

So if you have an image that the freePatternWizard is complaining about, let me know through the Community and we'll try to work together to solve it.  And again, as I update the patternWizard to support a particular variance of an image format, it will help everyone in the future.


Thank you, I try. Kiss
The color changes actually do "step" a little before edging it. I do my color change just before I pull through the last loop of the return so it's not a dramatic "step", but still noticeable.
Not a big deal really though, since I think tunisian always needs an edging of some sort.
The first loop of the row always gets a little bigger simply because of the nature of the technique, making it a little "wonkier" than the other end.

This one is very new for sure, it's the "Crochet Dude" brand (which is Boye), and it's pricier. Which is why I resisted buying it at first, but now I'm glad I finally did.
They also make a size Q, which I haven't bought yet.
They are availble at Jo Anne, but you never know which sizes they will have in stock. Undecided
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